Dr Darren Strong
Chiropractor, Owner Operator

Dr Darren Strong


Darren (New Waterford and North Sydney)

Darren is passionate about lifelong learning, as it relates to his contribution to health, wellness, and to improve himself as a clinician.

Darren’s personal interests extend to making personal contributions to the communities in which he works and lives, to promote education, healthcare, and developing industry, in the hopes that one day Cape Breton will be self-sufficient.

For Darren, the greatest affirmation that he’s good at what he does stems from his patients referring friends and family to his care.

Darren has been working in the Chiropractic field for 16 years.

Darren has an undergraduate degree in Kinesiology and Biology, and his professional degree is Doctor of Chiropractic.

#DidYouKnow: Darren would volunteer his skills locally and internationally, if the opportunity presented itself.