Leg / Arm Pain, Weakness or Tingling


Leg / Arm Pain, Weakness or Tingling

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What is Leg / Arm Pain, Weakness or Tingling?

Numbness, tingling and weakness are unusual sensations that can happen in any part of the body, but are particularly noticeable in the arms and legs.

Symptoms of Leg / Arm Pain, Weakness or Tingling:

Symptoms include loss of strength and sensation in the extremities, making it more difficult to

Who’s at Risk for Leg / Arm Pain, Weakness or Tingling?

Pain, weakness or tingling in the legs and arms can be caused by any number of conditions or injuries. These could include but are not limited to: repetitive strain injuries, neurological disorders, conditions of the spine, restless leg syndrome, and so on.


Take steps to maintain core strength and to execute proper technique when lifting, bending or twisting. Avoid repetitive motions under strain.

Treatment Options:

Tingling, pain or weakness in the arms and legs should not be ignored, and should be brought to the attention of your healthcare professional. Dr. Strong will conduct a thorough history and examination to identify the cause of your symptoms, as well as determine a safe, effective treatment plan to relieve your symptoms.