What to Expect

Expect to be listened to. You will be asked to recount a detailed medical history, including the onset, severity and impact of your symptoms.

Expect to learn something. You will be educated about the mechanisms at play that are contributing to your discomfort, and to your healing process.

Expect hands-on therapy. You will receive gentle, hands-on treatment from Dr. Strong and his staff.

Expect to play a role in your healing. You will provide feedback on the effectiveness of your treatments, and you will perform stretches or strengthening exercises in your own time to maintain your progress.

The First Visit

Wear comfy, loose-fitting clothing.

When you arrive at the clinic, you will remove your shoes and be greeted by the clinic’s friendly staff. They will get to know you and will play a role in your healing process, so be sure to say hello!

When you meet with Dr. Strong, a detailed medical history, including the onset and severity of your symptoms will be recorded. Dr. Strong will do a gentle, hands-on assessment of your strength, tolerance, and range of motion. He will assess your injury or complaint, and discuss treatment options with you.


During your initial examination, Dr. Strong will test the strength and range of motion in your neck, back, arms and legs. He will test the strength of sensation in your hands and feet. This examination is hands-on and will help inform Dr. Strong of the physical properties at play that are contributing to your specific condition.

The Second Visit

Your treatment begins in earnest. Dr. Strong or one of his assistants will get you settled in a private treatment room and will help you to be comfortable as you proceed through each step of your treatment. You will have lots of opportunities to provide feedback and ask questions. Sessions typically last 45 – 60 minutes, sometimes a little longer.

Regular Visits

If your treatment plan and personal healing require you to come regularly for treatments, you may find that Dr. Strong recommends trying different techniques over time, to respond to your body’s recovery process.

How long do I continue to come in?

You are not required to commit to any length of time for treatment. Dr. Strong will recommend, based on your feedback and response to treatment, a treatment schedule for you. He and his staff will always do their best to accommodate your scheduling needs. If the treatments work and you feel stronger and pain free, you are able to pause treatments and return when/ if your symptoms do.
Our goal is to restore your health and help you achieve a pain-free life.