Otitis media (ear infection)

Otitis media (ear infection)

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What is Otitis media?

In layman’s terms, Otitis Media is simply inflammation of the ear, commonly associated the presence of fluid in the middle ear for a period longer than three months. It can be caused by a virus or bacteria.

Symptoms of Otitis media?

Otitis media / inflammation of the ear can cause a great deal of discomfort, including acute ear pain, fever and hearing loss. It is not contagious.

Who’s at Risk for Otitis media?

Children are at greatest risk, but the majority of Otitis media cases are brought on by upper-respiratory infections (common cold). Individuals with seasonal allergies, eustachian tube problems, or exposure to cigarette smoke may also have frequent bouts of Otitis media / inflammation of the ear.


Data suggests that breastfeeding infants and influenza vaccine is associated with the reduction in number and duration of Otitis media / inflammation of the ear cases.

Treatment Options:

The most common treatment for Otitis media/ inflammation of the ear, is a 7-10 day course of antibiotics. Chiropractic care is a complementary treatment option for chronic Otitis media / inflammation of the ear because antibiotics cannot treat the underlying cause of Eustachian tube effusion which often causes the fluid to remain and recurrent infections to occur.

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