Dysmenorrhea (Painful Period)


Dysmenorrhea (painful period)

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What is Dysmenorrhea (Painful Period)?

According to this Canadian study (2005), Dysmenorrhea – more commonly known as painful period –  is an exceedingly common gynaecological complaint, from which a substantial proportion of Canadian women suffer at some point throughout their reproductive years,

Symptoms of Dysmenorrhea (Painful Period):

The symptoms include moderate or severe pain associated with menses, which can account for significant time lost from school, work, and social activities.

Who’s at Risk for Dysmenorrhea (Painful Period)?

All women of reproductive age will likely experience painful period at some time; however, there are several risk factors that increase risk. First, smokers are at an increased risk of becoming debilitated by this condition. Also, early onset of menarche (first occurrence of menstruation) may be indicated in increased prevalence of painful periods.


Women who smoke or are exposed to high levels of second-hand smoke are at increased risk for painful periods, so avoiding exposure to tobacco products may lessen prevalence and severity of dysmenorrhea.

Treatment Options:

Your doctor can provide counsel on whether you are a candidate for certain prescription pain treatments. Women who suffer from dysmenorrhea and who also seek treatment consisting of manual chiropractic adjustments and soft tissue therapy, may experience fewer episodes of pain, as well as lower pain ratings. Ask Dr. Strong if chiropractic care is right for treating your painful periods.